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K cup Filling Machine

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Premium Rotary Type RN1S K cup filling machine,
refined and crafted by professionals that love their job!

After 5 years of continuous upgrading and R & D, we have collected feedback from several customers to make the RN1S K cup filling machine in 2020 exude vitality.

The newly designed system makes him more intelligent, and many improved functions make it easier to use.

RN1S k cup filling machine, a nearly perfect device. It could be the partner you are looking for


  • Accurate filling: +/- 0.15 grams accuracy
  • Very easy to clean the filling hopper
  • Strong seal: Sealing temperature is adjustable (twice sealing are also available)
  •  Functions can be customized to create a unique machine for you
  • Efficient nitrogen filling to protect every cup of coffee
  • The control panel can customize the language for you


Small but complete: 4sqm layout with all functions


RN1S k cup filling machine working stations

Production of one high-quality Kcup capsule in one machine
RN1S has empty k cup pick and place, No cup No fill sensor, fill, precut lids pick and place (Or use roll film cut and seal), seal, output.

No other equipment is needed, you can get a perfect K CUP in less than 1 second.

In addition, the machine can also purchase some accessories, such as online weighing systems, etc.

ULTRA-HIGH-SPEED PRODUCTION: 40% faster than other machines

Speed-of-K cup filling machine

When other machines can only produce 20 or 50 per minute, RN1S can already produce stably at 70 cups per minute, and the machine is very stable and will not shake. This is due to our new functional layout design and the application of more mechanized devices, and the strong load-bearing capacity of the machine.

Free your labor, a machine is equivalent to 10 workers, how good!

ONE MACHINE, THREE SYSTEMS: 20-30 minutes to change

interchange of K cup filling machine

The biggest advantage of the rotary machine is that it can change molds to produce different capsules. (As the machine size limited, it cannot produce like dolce gusto coffee products, Lavazza points,etc.)

This is an option, if need to change different systems, you need to tell us the capsules you want to use firstly

Your Every K cups capsule is the same weight (range: +/-0.15 grams)


High-precision screw filling allows your coffee granules and other granular products to be quickly and accurately filled into the K-cups.

The filling weight can be adjusted, and you can load the product you want. One machine can do multiple SKUs. Meeting your customer needs

Your Every K cup Capsule is Beautiful


The newly designed sealing system can contact at high speed without affecting the appearance of the sealing surface, and the sealing strength is strong

The sealing temperature can be adjusted to meet the use of capsules of different materials.

Your coffee deserves better protection


Fresh coffee always attracts more people.

How to make your K-cup more people enjoy, then its preservation technology is very important.

RN1S K cup filling machine provides up to 7 nitrogen filling systems to keep kcup at the freshest moment

  1. Rotary type machine, very easy to clean and maintain
  2. No need for big space, it can put anywhere
  3. The fast changeover to produce different kinds of capsules
  4. You can fill tea, cocoa, and other products with this machine
  5. Users’ friendly structure design, easy to clean the filling hopper
  6. Servo Motor Controlled Auger filling system (Filling volume is adjustable)
  7. Copper body heat sealing head with excellent thermal conductivity
  8. Stainless steel housing, food-grade production equipment
  9. Intelligent and safe production: no cup no filling, no film no sealing, open door machine shutdown, etc.
  10. 7-10 inch color control touch screen, multilingual interface, fault display, simple operation
  11. The machine occupies a small area and is easy to move
  12. Enlarged cup storage structure reduces the workload of workers
  13. Automatic vacuum feeding system without manual operation
  14. The machine is fast, one machine is equal to more than 10 labor
  15. Stable operation, non-stop operation
Production50-70 K cups per minute

Schneider Brand

TM241CE40U Model


Flexem Brand

FE6070H Model

Servo Motor

Schneider Brand

BCH2LF0733CA5C Model


Control: Servo Motor controlled Auger

1-20 grams adjustable

Accuracy: +/- 0.2 grams


Copper material

0-400  ℃ Adjustable


Sucker Vacuum pick out

Mechanical fingers pick out (Optional)


3 Phs 220V 50/60hz, or 3 x 380V/50HZ

20A  3.5Kw/h

Air Consumption

30-40 Scfm

(7kw/10HP air compressor is OK)

Nitrogen Consumption


(5Nm3/h Nitrogen generator is OK, can also connect with the Nitrogen tank)

Dimensions1250*1250(-1780) * 2214 mm
Package1 machine in one wooden case
Order Lead Time1-2 months

RN1S K cup filling machine

To be amazed


Up to 70 C.P.Min
40% faster than other machines


It is a fully automatic system One person is enough for this machine


One machine only need a small space, and easy to move

Single Phase

RN1S uses single-phase 220V power, can also make other voltages

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Your K cup filling machine should be very easy to clean

Coffee powder equipment is best to clean the barrel at the end of each day. It used to take an hour to clean up, now you only need 10 minutes.
See how easy it is to clean our equipment

  • Step 1
1, Press the “Running” button, and then in the Running Page, switch the “Auto” to “Manual”.
2. Then press the “Filling” button
    •  Step 2

Keep press the up (⬆) arrow to lift up the filling hopper.

  • Step 3

Then press the Green buton “RUN”. The machine will begin to empty filling hopper. After cleaning, you just need to put the filler back, then cleaning finish

RN1S K cup Filling Machine in Numbers

50-70 CPMIN

Machine can produce 50- 70 K cups per minute

2 Kw/h

The power consumption of the machine

RN1S-2020-new-K cup filling sealing machine

2 m * 1.5m

The machine layout is only 1.8mL*1.2mW * 2.2mH


Current required by the machine

Source K cup Filling Machine

From A Qualified Factory


Original Equipment Manufacturer

No matter you need small or big machines, no matter you need any functions, the AFPAK team will give you the one that you wanted


Test and Inspection

In-house tests with state-of-the-art equipment guarantee both the performance and lifetime. No shipment if the test results are not met our standard



As an ISO certified factory, we manufacture all K cup filling, sealing, and packaging machines in compliance with industrial standards.

Top supplier of K cup filling and sealingmachines and filling sealing packaging solutions from China. Ten years of focus, only offer fine products 


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