A K cup is a plastic cup containing coffee or tea in sealed packing. The cup has a plastic ring covered with a foil top. The K cup has a lining of filter material that keeps the coffee contained while brewing. K cup is brewed using a compatible brewer. The brewer pictures a hole through the foil to fill the cup with water and through the ground coffee. Another hole is then punctured into the cup’s bottom to pour the drink into your drinking cup.

The K cup dominates ninety percent of the single-serving coffee market in North America. It is convenient, no mess, and an economical solution to everyone’s caffeine cravings.


Advantages of K-Cups

  1. A variety of blends and flavors
  2. Economical prices
  3. Great taste
  4. Convenience

The popularity of K cup and single-serving coffee cups generally, in the world and specifically in the US, is rising rapidly. It means there is a supply gap in the market that needs to be filled. The business opportunities in K cup manufacturing, sealing, and packaging are growing.

AfPak is a famous supplier of K cup manufacturing, sealing, and filling equipment with over 10 years of experience and credibility in the market. We provide equipment covering the complete production line of K cup manufacturing. Our products are highly reliable, and the parts are made of high-grade steel that is food safe.

AFPak does not believe in ending the relationship while closing the sale. We provide continuous support, education, and training to enable you to give a quick and smooth start to your business. Later on, we provide technical support to ensure smooth flow and operations without any break.

The K cup dominates ninety percent of the single-serving coffee market in North America. It is convenient, no mess, and an economical solution to everyone’s caffeine cravings.

AFPak: The Leading Manufacturer of K Cup Filling Sealing and Packaging Machines

AFPak is the leading company in the US to provide K Cup manufacturing solutions. We provide K cup filling and sealing as well as packaging solutions. We have gained our reputation in the market with our highly efficient. Reliable and easy to manage products. We have partnered with over 30 companies of different sizes and scales to launch their K cup product series using our state of the art machinery. We take pride in our partnerships with the other companies, and the long-running collaboration speaks for itself about our reliability and efficiency.


Our state of the art technology is the distinguishing feature of our company. Our products are made with high reliability and precision. Since this is a food product, safety, and hygiene is the top priority. We guarantee that you will have highly satisfied clients using our technology-driven innovative equipment.


AFPak believes in the core values of building and maintaining relationships with our clients.


  1. Ongoing Partnership

We consider an equipment sale as a new foundation for the ongoing partnership between the buyer and AFPak. We provide continuous support for the installation and running of the machines. We are always happy to educate you and your team about the optimum use of our K cup sealing and filling equipment.


  1. Technical Support

AFPak is proud of their extremely professional and experienced technical support team. As part of our ongoing partnership values, we provide technical support. Our technical support covers the faults and problems with the equipment and the machine’s upgradation and optimum usage. We make sure that you get the maximum output through regular maintenance.


  1. Continuous improvement

AFPak is committed to continuous improvement. It is the reason that we upgrade our machines and equipment every year to provide improved quality with a more efficient and cost-effective production.


  1. Commitment to Safety

AFPak is committed to your safety and environmental issues. We make sure that all necessary parts of our equipment are made with food-grade and safe materials. Also, the cups we manufacture are recyclable, and the filters are either paper or fabric that is not hazardous for the environment.

We ensure that the K cups sealed by our machines are properly sealed, and there are o chances of oxidation through Nitrogen. It ensures that the beverage remains fresh and safe for consumption.

AFPak: Products

AFPak has a list of efficient and very successful products that are working in the field for the last many years and speak of our quality and professionalism. The main products related to K cups sealing and filling are listed below.

1.     AF-RF1S 50-70 cpmin rotary type K cup filling and sealing machine

Our latest machine is a perfect solution for a medium-sized company or a small company that is growing very well. It can produce up to 4200 cups per hour(cph). This machine provides a simultaneous nitrogen injection into the container through its auger filler. It is a complete sealing device and guarantees leak-proof and tight sealing. You can expect guaranteed complete sealing without any seal insufficiency.

This rotary type k cup filling and sealing machine is very versatile and can accommodate Nespresso and Lavazza capsule molds as well.

Main features of AF-RF1S 50-70 cpmin rotary type K cup filling and sealing machine are;

  1. Servo driven auger filling with high accuracy at +/- 0.1
  2. It has a patented design sealing device that produces a tight and neat sealing. The made K cup is free of sealing leakage or sealing insufficient.
  3. Easily cleaned and compatible with directives and regulations from the food industry globally.
  4. Error detection mechanism
  5. The lids dropping by vacuum sucking with precision and a high success rate.
  6. It is manufactured with food-grade stainless steel 304.

2.     AF-H1 1500 cph linear type K cup manufacturing machine

It is our smallest yet wholly automatic machine for K cups. It is easy to maintain and efficient to work with. It can produce up to 1500 cups per hour. The patent design by AFPak makes sturdy and high-quality K cups. The produced K cups are guaranteed to keep the contents safe and moisture-free.

It is also a versatile machine and can accommodate both roll film and sheet film. It is also extendable to work with other machines. This machine is more suitable for small-scale companies.

Salient features of AF-H1 1500 cph linear type K cup manufacturing machine are;

  1. Mini-type machine for small scale manufacturing companies
  2. High-quality equipment
  3. The automated processing of falling empty K-cup, filling, sealing, and conveyor out from the machine.
  4. Stainless steel food grade structure
  5. Ability to fill and seal K cup, Nespresso, and Lavazza capsules
  6. Ability to make coffee capsules with or without filters.
  7. Error detection mechanism for no cup, no seal, no fill, etc.

3.     AF-H2 4800 cph linear type K cup manufacturing machine

It is a linear type K cup manufacturing machine for medium to large-scale industries capable of producing upto 4800 to 6000 cups in an hour. It can produce both welded cups and separate K cups. The produced K cups can keep the contents fresh and oxidation free with Nitrogen filling in the cup.

It is AFPak’s modern machine and has proved its value and strength in the industry. The feedback on this machine is the most encouraging and helps us to move forward with more vigor.

Salient features of AF-H2 4800 cph linear type K cup manufacturing machine are;

  1. Large scale, time-saving production
  2. Oxidation free K cups with Nitrogen filling
  3. Heavy-duty equipment to withstand a high load of production
  4. Widely used in the industry globally
  5. Highly reliable and long life span.
  6. Tight and secure sealing with a low failure rate
  7. Error detection in the complete process

4.     AF-H4 9000 cph linear type K cup manufacturing machine

This linear type K cup manufacturing machine is a feasible and economical option for medium to large manufacturing companies. It can produce up to 20 SKUs, which means your investment in one machine enables you to produce 20 different types of products. The production capacity is 9600 up to 12000 cups per hour that is very attractive for a company with large orders.

You can produce welded K cups as well as separate K cups depending on your needs and can use both pre-cut aluminum foil and rolled sheet.

  1. The machine frame uses a u-steel that is waterproof and rustproof. It is also packed with stainless steel #304 for added strength and longer lifespan.
  2. Error detection for no seal and no cup etc.
  3. Bulk production within a limited time
  4. A wide range of products can be manufactured using the same machine.
  5. AF-H4 9000 cph linear type K cup manufacturing machine is of great value for money.


5.     AF-B10 K cup manufacturing machine

AF-B10 K cup manufacturing machine is our custom made solution for your K cup manufacturing functions. You can choose your arrangement as 5 x 2 or 5 x 2 x 2 depending on your requirements. This machine is custom-made. Therefore, you provide us your requirements like size, order, and the type of the box.

This machine is straightforward, and your workforce does not have to learn anything to operate it.

Salient features of AF-B10 K cup manufacturing machine.

  1. Easy learning curve
  2. Reliable and efficient
  3. Custom made arrangement
  4. It can be made to adhere to the client’s given specifications.
  5. Complete automated process with automated error detection

6.     Empty K cups

To cover the complete life cycle of K cup manufacturing, we also make empty K cups. It makes us an all in one solution provider for K cup manufacturing, sealing, and packaging. We have the availability of welded and separated cups.

Environmental safety is important to us, and we believe in giving back to our planet by keeping it safe. Therefore, we use recyclable materials in K cup manufacturing. The filter used in the K cups is also paper or fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions


1.     How do I contact AFPak?

We are available by phone and email both. We have a customer relationship team to guide you through the process in both English and Chinese language.

2.     How do I pay?

We accept PayPal, Western Union, and bank transactions. Once we agree on the terms and specifications of business, we will guide you through the payment process.

3.     How do I request a quote?

You can request a quote for your required equipment by phone and email. We will be glad to provide you price and specifications for the most suitable equipment for your requirements.

To make it easy for you to decide, we guide you using the videos and working on the machines. You can also visit our factory in China once you are ready to order.

4.     Are AFPak machines already working in the industry?

Yes, we are proud that our equipment is working in the industry for the past ten years globally. We have our clients in the US, Canada, ________________ .

5.     Is the coffee industry thriving?

Yes, it is growing at a tremendous rate. The expected growth in the span of 2020 to 2025 is a whopping 4.5% globally. Single-serving coffee cups cover a large section of this market. Around 45% of the people in the United States own a single cup coffee brewer system; therefore, there is always a growing need for K cups in the market to serve the people.

Once people own a piece of equipment, they keep buying the refills for it. Therefore, the market for K cups is not going to die down any time soon.


6.     Can I review the products in the production line?

Yes, once the order is confirmed, you can visit our manufacturing site. We offer spot inspection and finished product inspection. We ensure that all the products adhere to the standards and requirements when they go into the next step of the production procedure.


7.     What if there is any defect in the product I receive?

As part of our ongoing cooperation and technical support, we believe in making our equipment work to perfection for the client. We make sure that we provide education, training, and support to use our products. If there is any defect in the product, you can contact us, and we will send our highly professional and experienced team to fix the problem.



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