Your Trusted Manufacturer of EMPTY K CUPS FOR KEURIG


Quality K cups with fabric filter welded
Food grade, PP #5 recyclable material, High Barrier EVOH layer

Protect your coffee for more than 12 months


  • Out cup made by PP #5 recyclable food-grade material
  • Filter is made by food-grade fabric material
  • High permeability, suitable for the production of various powder in K cups
  • White color 
  • standard K cups size, Compatible with all Keurig® machines
  • Ultrasonic welding, beautiful, firm, not broken cup
  • Can hold 8-13g products
  • Can protect your coffee for more than 12 months
  • It is recommended that you use the K cup filling sealing machines produced by AFPAK to produce this cup


Your coffee and other powders products can be stored in our integrated (Welded) k cups for more than 12 months without deterioration and moisture. Come and see how it realized

Its shell is made of new seven-layer co-extruded PP and EVOH materials, and ultrasonically welded food-grade non-woven filter or paper filter.

One K cup can hold different products, such as coffee powder, tea powder, cocoa powder, milk powder, protein powder, etc.

After many tests, it can completely replace Keurig’s products without any problems.


All our empty K cups have passed SGS product quality certification and OTR test of Japanese synthetic chemistry.

The test results showed that our kcup compound coffee food and beverage standard, and our OTR (CC / cup. Day. Air) result was 0.001 (test condition: 23 ℃, (outer) / (inner) = 50 / 50% RH).

Our K cups are not only solid in shape, but also highly airtight, which can keep your coffee fresh after 12 months. In this way, your products can be used and loved by more people


Excellent quality, filter paper does not fall off, the powder does not leak, and high water permeability, allowing your coffee to drip into your cup smoothly

More to know about our empty K cups:

  1. AFPAK also has separated K cups, that is the filter cup and out cup are separated, and you can also only order the filter cup.
  2. All the empty k cups MOQ is 100,000 pcs, and the shipping schedule is 2-4 weeks.
  3. Our empty k cups for Keurig are produced in Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province, which is more close to Shanghai Port.
  4. Our K cups size is standard and the same as the original Keurig cups, so you can use it in any K cup filling and sealing machines, but I still recommend you to arrange some samples testing in your current machines.
  5. We don’t have any distributors in other countries, welcome to contact our company for more details.
  6. Check about our H1 K cups filling and sealing machine, RN1S 70 CPMIN K cups filling machine, and 100-300 K cups manufacturing machines
  7. We do not have any distributors, and all equipment and cups are sold through our company. We have many customers in Europe and America, you can contact them to understand our quality and service.
  8. All our cups are carefully manufactured to meet the brewing needs of standard K cups. And using # 5 PP material can be fully recycled
  9. The packaging of our empty k cups is: 2200 per carton, a 20-foot container can hold 700,000 pieces, and a 40-foot container can hold 1.5 million pieces.
  10. We can also customize the Parafilm compatible with the 2.0 system. The outer ring is printed with special ink and can be used on all Keurig 2.0 system machines. The success rate is 99.9%.
  11. All of our shipping ports are Shanghai Port or Ningbo Port and can provide CIF transportation to your nearest port. Everything we do is to make your coffee better protected so that more customers can enjoy your coffee.
  12. AFPAK products have a 2-year shelf life. Outside the shelf life, we provide lifetime maintenance services. Let you better use our Empty Kupps and K cup filling sealing and packaging machines. We provide real-time voice and video services to ensure your production goes smoothly
  1. The filter paper has small pores and the coffee grounds are not easily mixed into the liquid
  2. The cup is a high-barrier material, which effectively isolates the air of your coffee, allowing your coffee to retain its flavor after 1 year
  3. Low MOQ, allows you to enter the K cups market faster
  4. Quality assurance, all our raw materials are from regular manufacturers, all with food-grade material certification
  5. Fast delivery, no matter how much you have, we will produce and ship for you at the fastest speed
  6. Moisture-proof and anti-collision packaging makes the transportation of your products worry-free

Model K100
Structure PP #5 + fabric filter
Volumn 8-13 grams
Mouth diameter 51 mm
Bottom diameter 37 mm
Height 44.2 mm
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EMPTY k-cups



Each K cup can pack 8-13 grams of coffee


Out cup use PP #5 recyclable materials

7 layers

Out Cups are using 7 layers co-extruded PP and EVOH materials

12 months

Your coffee can be protected in Our K cups for more than 12 months

Source K cup Filling and Sealing Machine

From A Qualified Factory


Original Equipment Manufacturer

No matter you need small or big machines, no matter you need any functions, the AFPAK team will give you the one that you wanted


Test and Inspection

In-house tests with state-of-the-art equipment guarantee both the performance and lifetime. No shipment if the test results are not met our standard



As an ISO certified factory, we manufacture all K cup filling, sealing, and packaging machines in compliance with industrial standards.

Top supplier of K cup filling and sealingmachines and filling sealing packaging solutions from China. Ten years of focus, only offer fine products 


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