K cup filling and sealing machine

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K cup Filling and Sealing Machine

The Fastest Machine  from China

RN120 Model K cup filling and sealing machine is a full automatic system, this machine can produce 100-120 cpmin, and it can produce high quality K cups with nitrogen gas protected.

This machine is precision-manufactured with electrical components from top international brands. It has a wealth of functions and simple operation, so you can quickly get started


  • High Filling Accuracy: guarantee +/- 0.2 grams accuracy
  • All the machines are built with brand new materials
  • Strong seal: Sealing temperature is adjustable
  •  Functions can be customized to create a unique machine for you
  •  Safe and intelligent operation, unmanned production
  • Efficient nitrogen filling to protect every cup of coffee
  • The control panel can customize the language for you

Source K cup Filling and Sealing Machine

From A Qualified Factory


Original Equipment Manufacturer

No matter you need small or big machines, no matter you need any functions, the AFPAK team will give you the one that you wanted


Test and Inspection

In-house tests with state-of-the-art equipment guarantee both the performance and lifetime. No shipment if the test results are not met our standard



As an ISO certified factory, we manufacture all K cup filling, sealing, and packaging machines in compliance with industrial standards.

Top supplier of K cup filling and sealingmachines and filling sealing packaging solutions from China. Ten years of focus, only offer fine products 


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