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K cup Filling and Sealing Machine

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RN120 Model K cup filling and sealing machine is a full automatic system, this machine can produce 100-120 cpmin, and it can produce high quality K cups with nitrogen gas protected.

This machine is precision-manufactured with electrical components from top international brands. It has a wealth of functions and simple operation, so you can quickly get started


  • High Filling Accuracy: guarantee +/- 0.2 grams accuracy
  • All the machines are built with brand new materials
  • Strong seal: Sealing temperature is adjustable
  •  Functions can be customized to create a unique machine for you
  •  Safe and intelligent operation, unmanned production
  • Efficient nitrogen filling to protect every cup of coffee
  • The control panel can customize the language for you

RN120 is a new series of equipment created by AFPAK

It has a two-column structure and can produce two K-cups each time
He occupies a small area, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but is very efficient.
Thanks to the design of the chainless structure, he does not need complicated maintenance

Its main structure is made of brand new channel steel (multi-channel anti-rust treatment) and stainless steel, which is not only anti-rust and dust-proof, but also exquisite and beautiful, it is fully meets the needs of food-grade safe production

Our machines are already in operation in most places around the world. In order to make maintenance more convenient for customers, our electrical parts are from top international brands, and you can buy them anytime, anywhere

Our machine control panels have both Chinese and English bilingual options. If you can help us translate, then we can also write your language into the system to help you better understand and control our K cup filling and sealing machine

Standard functions

  1. K cups feeding
  2. K cups detect sensor: no capsules no fill machine stop
  3. Filling
  4. Tamping and cleaning capsules edge
  5. Put pre cut lids
  6. Lids detector: No lids no seal machine stop
  7. Sealing
  8. Discharge the good capsules
  9. Sensor Check the table
  10. Reject the bad capsules

Layout of RN120 K cups filling and sealing machine

  1. Servo Motor Controlled Auger filling system (Filling volume is adjustable)
  2. Copper body heat sealing head with excellent thermal conductivity
  3. Stainless steel housing, food grade production equipment
  4. Intelligent and safe production: no cup no filling, no film no sealing, open door machine shutdown, etc.
  5. 7-10 inch color control touch screen, multilingual interface, fault display, simple operation
  6. The machine occupies a small area and is easy to move
  7. Enlarged cup storage structure reduces the workload of workers
  8. Automatic vacuum feeding system without manual operation
  9. The machine is fast, one machine is equal to more than 10 labor
  10. Stable operation, non-stop operation
Production100-120 K cups per minute

Schneider Brand

TM241CE40U Model


Flexem Brand

FE6070H Model

Servo Motor

Schneider Brand

BCH2LF0733CA5C Model


Control: Servo Motor controlled Auger

1-20 grams adjustable

Accuracy: +/- 0.2 grams


Copper material

0-400  ℃ Adjustable


Sucker Vacuum pick out

Mechanical fingers pick out (Optional)


3 Phs 220V 50/60hz, or 3 x 380V/50HZ

20A  3.5Kw/h

Air Consumption

30-40 Scfm

(7kw/10HP air compressor is OK)

Nitrogen Consumption


(5Nm3/h Nitrogen generator is OK, can also connect with the Nitrogen tank)

Dimensions1725*1525(-2580) * 2214 mm
Package1 machine in one wooden case
Order Lead Time2-3 months

Source K cup Filling and Sealing Machine

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No matter you need small or big machines, no matter you need any functions, the AFPAK team will give you the one that you wanted


Test and Inspection

In-house tests with state-of-the-art equipment guarantee both the performance and lifetime. No shipment if the test results are not met our standard



As an ISO certified factory, we manufacture all K cup filling, sealing, and packaging machines in compliance with industrial standards.

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