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AFPAK B10 model K cup packaging machine is widely applied in K cups packaging into boxes.

It can change to pack 12/24/36 k cups into one box, and can automatically fold the boxes, closed the boxes with hot melt glue, the speed is adjustable from 20-30 boxes per minute, you can also equip with robot hand to speed up the machine speeds.

This machine can connect your current K cup filling and sealing machines, and we will make the conveying system according to your requirement


  • Fully automatic and smart running
  • 20-30 boxes per minute
  • boxes sizes are adjustable
  • Deep customized solutions according to your requirement
  • easy to use and maintain

AF-B10 is It is k cup box packaging solutions customized for you, share your needs with us, and we will provide you with personalized solutions


This machine is a fully automatic vertical type opening up cartoning machine, which speed is the fastest in China now.

It is applicable for coffee capsules, wash powder, chocolate, pet food, penicillin bottle, perfume bottle, etc. It is widely used in the industries of cosmetics, pharmacy, food, and agricultural chemicals.

This K cup packaging machine is able to encase irregular bulk items that horizontal cartoning machine can not do.

Combined with the world advanced technology and our company’s powerful design team, this machine has obtained many design patents.

Your K cup Packaging Machine should be very easy to use and maintain

  • Our original intention in designing this K cup packaging machine is to allow you to quickly use and maintain it without our staff being present, so we adopt a lot of mechanized structures so that it can ensure stable operation and eliminate the loss of some pneumatic parts.
  • The fixing brackets of boxes of different sizes on the machine can be adjusted with simple tools, which are easy to understand and operate
  • The machine needs to be used with a glue spraying machine, and the spraying position can be changed, which perfectly adapts to changes between different size
  • Servo/step motor, touch screen, PLC control system, and man-machine interface display all adopt the International famous brand.
  • Packing forms such as automatic feeding, box opening, boxing, box sealing, waste rejecting, etc. are adopted.
    Easy operation that changes of specifications does not need a change of molds.
  • Automatically stop when the machine is overload or the boxing is not in place.
  • Adopting the best quality and a flexible robotic arm to pick products to guarantee high speed and high precision.


  1. Fully automatic and smart running : one machine can save more than 10 labors works.
  2. Fast speed: 20-30 boxes per minute
  3. Different boxes: boxes sizes are adjustable
  4. Only for you: Deep customized solutions according to your requirement
  5. Worry free use: easy to use and maintain
  6. Please contact AFPAK to get more details
Production20-30 boxes per minute

Schneider Brand

TM241CE40U Model


Flexem Brand

FE6070H Model


Copper material

0-400  ℃ Adjustable


3 Phs 220V 50/60hz, or 3 x 380V/50HZ

20A  3.5Kw/h

Air Consumption

30-40 Scfm

(7kw/10HP air compressor is OK)

Dimensions3000*1200* 1700 mm
Package1 machine in one wooden case
Order Lead Time2-3 months
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20-30 Boxes per minute


It is adjustable to pack different boxes


We can customize the machine according to your requirement

Small lAYOUT

The machine no need big size factory,it can put in any room

AFPAK K cup Packaging Machine Paramters Table

Model AF-B10
Product Filled and sealed Coffee Capsules, K CUPS
Capacity cartons/minute (accord to clients’ box and products)
Carton Size Min: 30×30×90mm / Max: 290×100×400mm
Paper Quality of Carton 200-400g/m³
Power 3 phase  220/380v  50/60hz  3kw
Air Supply 0.5-0.7 Mpa
Weight 1200Kg
Dimension 3700mm×1000×1700mm

Source K cup Filling and Sealing Machine

From A Qualified Factory


Original Equipment Manufacturer

No matter you need small or big machines, no matter you need any functions, the AFPAK team will give you the one that you wanted


Test and Inspection

In-house tests with state-of-the-art equipment guarantee both the performance and lifetime. No shipment if the test results are not met our standard



As an ISO certified factory, we manufacture all K cup filling, sealing, and packaging machines in compliance with industrial standards.

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